Why Should You Choose TravTips – Travel & Tourism Company for Your Next Holiday?

Who does not plan a holiday? Well, everybody does. You might have planned a few, executed a few and some of them might not have gone as planned due to a number of factors. Planning for a holiday all by yourself with the help of your family members sounds all fun, games, and interesting unless you have to start booking hotels, flights, list down all the places to see from some hundreds of them, and so forth. Not everyone can plan a perfect holiday, particularly those who seldom travel or go on a vacation.

Further, if you are planning for an international trip for the first time but you are not sure as to where to go, what to do, how to go, and so on, it is always the best option to hire a travel agency who is specialized in planning holidays. There are various agencies and among some of the best and leading ones is TravTips who is specialized in Customized Holidays and Escorted Group tours, with proven track record of handling 20,000 + guests in 6 years. Along with proficient handling and ensuring your safety, there are several other advantages of hiring a travel agency. Let’s take a look at some of them.


TravTips know the global destinations like the back of their hand, and if you are able to tell them what you want clearly, they will be able to match your tour package in such a way and help you find a better one than you can find on the internet. Their experience and knowledge in the travel field make them an expert. Because of this expertise, they can give proper guidance and provide insights to you, which you will not be able to find online. They also help you to choose All-Inclusive budget & Superior group tours, find the best deals on Thomas Cook Holidays (A FairFax Company), Cosmos & Globus Vacations, Europamundo, Cruises & bespoke customized packages from Dubai to different parts of the World (America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Far East, Australia & New Zealand).


Avoid all your headaches and let your holidays consultant worry about all that. Most leisure travellers do not feel like they have enough time to travel or may not be able to spare much time. Hence, you can avoid all that time you spend on the internet to find or create the perfect itinerary for you. TravTips – A franchisee partner of Thomas cook Holidays (A Fairfax Company) in Dubai & Abu Dhabi do research and curate the best plan for your entire vacation; they know how to get the job done while keeping your requirements, specifications and dates in mind.


TravTips is a one-stop destination for you. They will handle everything for you, from the time you board the flight, till the time you return from your trip, including taking care of your tickets, hotels, meals (Veg, Non-Veg, Halal food), sightseeing, and other on-tour activities. They ensure that you do not face any difficulties and enjoy your vacation like you wanted to- hassle-free. They also coordinate and discuss your travel details so that you do not encounter any unpleasant situations or events. Check out TravTips Budget & Superior Group Tours, Thomas cook Holidays Tours, Cosmos & Globus Vacations packages, Cruise Packages from Dubai to International destinations.


TravTips Travel & Tourism have a lot of connections with airlines, hotels & suppliers worldwide having an access to interesting and exclusive deals. They can offer Value for Money deals for you without compromising on quality and safety. Further, you will also be able to choose from a range of choices, depending on your expenditure plan.

Personalized Service

The best part about TravTips Travel is that they work for guests and not for travel suppliers. Therefore, if you have any issues arise or need to make some changes to your plan, your travel agent will help you out of it and also guide you through. This is one of the benefits every travel looks for when going to another country where the language is the major issue.

Pay Almost Same

The best advantage you can get from booking with travel agents like TravTips ( A Franchisee of Thomas Cook Holidays) in Dubai is that you can save a lot when compared with booking on your own. They usually have tie-ups with airlines, hotels, Suppliers Worldwdie, car rentals and other activities which can offer a range of discounts or special rates to which you can gain access. Further, their service charges are also very little to free for their guests as they can earn from their sales commission.

Right Documents

Documentation is the most difficult and confusing part while travelling abroad. TravTips – being specialized in Holiday planning, they know end-to-end process. They also make sure that all applicants are well-informed about all the required documents and guide them through the VISA process by being with them every step of the way. This way, they make your visa-getting process smoother. They have successfully availed VISAS for approx 98% of their guests.

Better Destinations And Exclusive Access

Your travel agent will know which is the best time to visit what place. They have complete information about the best time to go to a particular place in order to avoid the crowd. They also help you visit places that might be off-beat and not known to many. Their connections help you get access to exclusive places, some of which are not easily available for the general crowd. All Inclusive Group tours, Treks, exotic tours, Ski holidays, beach holidays and other products are often accessible only through a travel agent.

All in all, the advantages of booking with TravTips for your next holiday are many. Even if you do not have a place in mind, they will definitely help you out with the best destination for your family during that particular season.

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