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Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Exhibitions are vital for any organization to inspire higher performance. At TravTips travel and Tourism LLC, we value the concept of MICE tours and go that extra mile to create new, innovative experiences that serve to invigorate, relax, and drain away all stress, leaving each employee refreshed and ready to face new challenges post the holiday session. The diversity of destinations on both the domestic and international circuits, together with our excellence and innovation result in infinite incentive tour and travel possibilities for all budgets and interests.



We specializes in planning & organizing all elements for an effective meeting. With our extensive experience, professional team & understanding of the business, we cover all areas & manage all related components to make your meeting a success. Our excellent relationship with the best suppliers in the destination gives our clients the best value for money & the absolute piece of mind to focus on their meeting, while all arrangements are being professionally taken care of.

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For meetings, our services range from hotel accommodation, logistics & ground handling, meeting facilities, AV equipment, technical support to the stationary & water on the meeting desk.


With the attention to detail, professional handling our clients will only need to focus on their meeting, while all arrangements have been trustfully taken care of by our team.


  • Venue Selection
    As per your business and budget requirements, We  will provide you a varied choice of venues.


  • Meet & Greet Service
    On arrival at the airport and at the venue, our team will be present to welcome meeting attendees.


  • Transfers
    During the course of the event, our team will ensure that all transfers- be it from the airport, venues or from the lodging sites, are done on time.


  • Activities
    We also facilitate with pre/post-events like excursions, Dinner or cocktail parties with entertainment and team building activities.


Studying the brief. Understanding the concept & the objective of the incentive. Brainstorming on the program that will reflect the targeted objective & suit the participants are the initial key factors in organizing a successful incentive trip. We, TravTips, create our incentive programs on a case-to-case tailor-made basis to suit each group.


Being a total-solution-provider & having an excellent relationship with the best suppliers covering a comprehensive range of services & concepts, allows us to produce unmatched & unique programs.

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  • Destination Selection

Be it any kind of tour, our experienced team will provide you with an assorted selection of destinations as per your budget and desires. Transfers, whether it is by coach, limo or a helicopter, we ensures all transfers from airports, venues or lodging sites are completed on time.


  • Excursions & Team building Activities

Tour Packages for sightseeing in Dubai and even internationally include city tours, safaris, luxury cruises and special interest trips. Whatever the scenery you are looking at, We can organize a teambuilding activity for your organization or firm.


  • Party Planning

Our team can suggest a wide choice of venues, entertainers and party themes as per your budgets. We can make your corporate dinners, cocktail parties and staff annual parties truly memorable.



Professionally handling all conference elements starting from blocking the conference space, organizing the facilities, booking accommodation, organizing the right speakers, obtaining all governmental documentation, providing technical support & audio visual equipment, through to planning all logistics, sending invitations, selecting the suitable media, PR & Marketing partners, arranging for sponsorships & support, putting a perfect running-order for all involved parties to make sure all areas are well planned & finally executing the conference with absolute perfection is our specialty.

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Organizing a conference requires a high level of professionalism, total dedication, & strong presence. We understand what it takes to organize a successful conference.


  • Destination and Venue selection

Our experienced team can provide you with a choice of destinations as per your budget and desires.


  • Hotel Accommodations

We can suggest and arrange from a selective choice of hotels for your delegates and ensure that all rooms are comfortable for your delegates


  • Registration & Hospitality Desk

Our courteous staff handles attendee registrations, collect data as per your requirements and can even assist delegates during the course of the event with any information necessary.


  • Conference Management

We can provide all aspects of support- from floor maps, equipment rentals and extra light fittings to hiring professionals like photographers, event organizers, etc.


  • Excursions

Our team can organize pre/post-sightseeing tours and can even arrange for team building activities to the destination of your choice. We have numerous, fun-filled Dubai Tour Packages to make your visit more interesting.


Businesses always want their products launched and corporate parties conducted in relaxing settings. We can organize such events for a business at locations like mountains, deserts, islands, cruise lounges and even a traditional hotel.



Business firms always want their products launched and corporate parties conducted in relaxing settings. We can organize such events for a business at locations like mountains, deserts, islands, cruise lounges and even a traditional hotel.

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  • Venue Selection

Based on the type of event you are looking at, We can suggest a range of lovely venues and settings.


  • Meet & Greet Service

Great hospitality is one of the best things you will experience with us and our courteous staff is impeccable when it comes to welcoming invitees.

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